The History of Toone, TN



The hills and valleys now known as Toone was once todden over by the Chickasaw Indians and other Indians. In early 1700’s the white man travered the land and the water being plentiful, people traveled on the Chickasaw River now known as the Hatchie River. Some of the first settlers were the Marsh Family, the Robinson Family. But tradition tells there was a small store, a blacksmith shop operated by a Mr. Toone.  Among other earliest settler in the actual Toone area was Wm. Rainey, Samuel Murdaugh, Issac Pirtle and the Ruffin Family.    

The Illinois Central Railroad was built through this section in 1856 and it is an interesting factthat the fills for laying the track was built with pick and shovel, hoe, wheelbarrow and by slave labor. Soon after the railroad was built, Toone Station came into being.

 While trying to determine a name for the new town, someone suggested that since Mr. Jimmy Toone gave the land where the town stands. So in 1880 the Town became “TOONE”.